Seth Consulting is a Channel Partner of Neotel. Neotel supplies the latest and best available broadband technology available in SA today. With it’s optical fibre network in all metro areas connected to the undersea international cables, Neotel offers the fastest. lowest latency internet connections available. Not only that, but Neotel offers this service in areas where the cable does not reach via wireless technologies like WiMAX or 4G/LTE. All of these offerings are superior to ADSL in one way or another and offer a compelling option for SME’s and Corporates.


NeoBroadband Fibre

Product Overview

NeoBroadband uses Neotel’s superior and robust fibre infrastructure to deliver an unparalleled Internet experience to businesses looking for an uncapped and unshaped solution with speeds of up to 100Mbps. Unlike heavily contended ADSL service, NeoBroadband offers a fast and efficient Internet service with very little contention.

Fibre is Symmetrical

This means that your upload and download speeds are equally fast! Most currently available broadband services are asymmetrical, which frequently results in poor upload speeds. Our fibre solution provides equal upload and download speeds, ensuring that important emails with large attachments or urgent work documents that you need to upload will always go through at high speeds.


Your NeoBroadband service is entirely flexible and can be shaped to meet your connectivity needs – upgrade to a higher line speed (or downgrade) in mere minutes.

Single Point of Contact

We offer end-to-end customer support for all service issues, so you won’t have to deal with multiple vendors and service providers.


NeoBroadband WiMax

Faster Upload Speeds

Even though WiMAX is asymmetrical (unequal download and upload speeds), the upload speeds offered are far better than comparative wireless solutions and even most fixed–line broadband services.

Quick Installation Time

Being a wireless service, WiMAX is deployed much faster than its fixed-line counterparts.

Low Contention

Contention Ratio refers to the number of users sharing the same data capacity. The lower the contention ratio the higher the quality of service. A 50:1 contention ratio means that up to 50 broadband customers are sharing the same capacity at any one time. NeoBroadband has a significantly lower contention ratio than most competitive broadband offerings.

Superior Wireless Network

Our WiMAX network experiences no congestion, resulting in superior speeds and low latencies. Our WiMAX service is wireless and hence unaffected by copper theft which leaves business stranded without connectivity for days on end.


Depending on your connectivity  needs, your NeoBroadband service can be upgraded to a higher line speed (or down- graded) in a matter of minutes. Single Point of Contact End-to-end customer support for all service issues without having customers  deal with multiple vendors and service providers.

NeoBroadband LTE

NeoBroadband powered by LTE (Long Term Evolution), is an affordable uncapped new wireless service that has been developed to provide quality broadband services to the small to medium enterprise market, competitively packaged as a replacement to existing wired solutions in a more effective, efficient and affordable way.

This fixed and wireless service offers a quality and reliable experience to be used from a single location only. In this way Neotel is able to control the number of users per base station and effectively enhance the end user experience to provide a much more consistent user experience as opposed to mobile solutions.

Product Specification

Through NeoBroadband powered by LTE we deliver a Best Effort Broadband service developed for enterprises, across a wireless connection, to a fixed location.


At the customer premises Neotel will install an outdoor Router/Antenna enclosure to ensure you receive the best possible signal quality and strength that can be achieved at your location. This type of installation ensures up to 30% more improved network efficiencies and data throughput which will result in a reliable, consistent user experience.

The outdoor unit is connected via a network cable (PoE – Power over Ethernet) to an indoor unit to which the customer can connect via WiFi or normal network cables.

Fair Use Policy:

Since the service is provided as an uncapped service, a Fair Use Policy applies to ensure the user experience across the network remains at the high quality we have developed.

Our FUP work as follows: We calculate the maximum amount of data you are technically able to consume during a month and set our limit to half of that. Once you reach this halfway milestone we do not degrade your service to a snail’s pace, we simply halve your available throughput for the remainder of the month. This ensures that you are still able to effectively run your business albeit a bit slower than normal.

As an example:

On a 5Mbps NeoBroadband LTE services you are technically capable of consuming up to 1.4Terrabytes of data during the course of the month. At a FUP of 50% it means we will allow you to consume up to 670GB of data ahead of us applying our FUP. Once you have reached this milestone we will reduce your line speed from 5Mbps to 2.5Mbps for the remainder of the month.


The one distinction between our Wireless based NeoBroadband products (WiMax and LTE) and our Fiber based NeoBroadband product is that we provide asynchronous data throughput speeds across our wireless networks as opposed to synchronous on Fiber. Asynchronous means your maximum download speed is higher than what you would be able to achieve from your upload speed.

Neo Pricelist

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