CAN (Credit Application Network)

Application created for banks that integrates with several banking systems and enables users to manage credit applications for current accounts, vehicles and home loans from a central point.

Sales Force Automation

You can now track Sales process from beginning to end and have a central repository for all documentation that can be accessed by any system users at any time during the sales process. The system includes a mobile and desktop web application where sales consultants can record their meetings, place orders and provide quotes for clients on site. These records then update the system centrally for the back office to take action on. Can be supplied with additional reporting and security as per specification.

Inventory Management system

You can capture orders, generate invoices and credit notes, track sales and available inventory. This system communicates with suppliers in real-time when it's time to reorder and how much to purchase. Can be integrated with an ERP system such as Evolution.

CMS for Financial Services

Content managements system for financial institutions that acts as a communications platform and allows uses to capture and generate reports on all sales figures countrywide. Rollups can be done on the fly and reports are made available at all levels immediately. Results in added benefits such as comprehensive sales ladder, balanced scorecard, specialised reports and graphing, bank assurance sales tracking, lead tracking with escalations. Business executives can now make decisions quicker and more accurately.

Policy Billing System

Users can now manage and maintain the full billing lifecycle of a policy and ultimately produce usable management reports.